Shungite pyramid
    • Shungite pyramid
    • Shungite pyramid
    • Shungite pyramid
    • Shungite pyramid

    Shungite pyramid


    Shungite pyramid

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    Shungite pyramid:



    Purify the water.

    Protects against electromagnetic fields (electrosmog).

    Shungite is a black stone more than 2 billion years old that resembles coal. It has a unique structure between non-crystalline amorphous stone and graphite.

    Shungite is a stone that consists mainly of small globular particles of carbon divided by 98% in a crystalline state, and a special type of carbon called fullerene.

    Shungite can absorb polluting particles from the air and has antibacterial qualities.

    It has a great capacity to adhere (molecular attractions) or have the capacity to communicate with other substances, and defense properties against radiation.

    The stone is used to protect against electromagnetic fields, p-e. in computers as well as in laptops, high voltage lines, satellite dishes, etc.

    Shungite has been used in medical treatments since the 18th century. The purifying properties of shungite water were used.

    Its use has also been propagated to make purified water.

    It also protects against negative energy.

    Material: minerals.

    Size: 5.5 × 5.5cm.

    Weight: 64g.


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